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Calpipe Security Bollards

We manufacture vehicle-stopping security posts that range from functional to aesthetically-designed safety barriers. Our catalog includes removable, fixed, retractable, K-4 engineered and K-12-rated bollards manufactured. Lighted security bollards are also available, along with custom designs. Whether you need to deter vehicular traffic, control street access, or protect pedestrians, Calpipe Security Bollards has a product to meet your needs.


If this is your first time shopping for bollards then this guide will help you select the right bollard for your application. Read more...

Question Checklist

  • Do I just need to deter or actually stop an oncoming vehicle?
  • How big a vehicle do I need to stop?
  • How fast will that vehicle be traveling?





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K12 Rated FAQ / K4 Engineered FAQ





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