Below you’ll find a list of the questions we are frequently asked about our Calpipe Security Bollards®.

Many factors go into the decision of what type of bollard should be used for a particular application. A few things to consider before selecting a bollard:
  • Will this be a permanent bollard fixed in one place, or should this be a bollard that needs to be removed from time to time to allow access for designated vehicles?
  • Is this a traffic deterrent or a security issue? If it is a security issue, what size vehicle do I want to stop and how fast could it be traveling when it makes impact?
  • Do I want this bollard to be highly visible so that drivers can see it, or do I want something that is more aesthetic and in keeping with the design of the site?
Calpipe Security Bollards® offers a number of different styles of bollards:
  • Fixed/embedded, Fixed/base plate/surface mount
  • Removable
  • Lighted
  • Retractable
Calpipe Security Bollards® recommends a footing as strong as the bollard you are installing. For maximum security protection, a strip footing with a rebar cage tied into the bollards will make them more secure and much stronger because the entire footing will absorb any impact as opposed to an individual footing for each bollard.
Prior to the installation process, it is always recommended that you x-ray the area that will be excavated. In the case of underground utilities or other areas with depth restrictions, you can select Calpipe Security Bollard's® shallow-mount bollards. These bollards use a shallow 12" embedment base design, in order to overcome depth restrictions found in conventional bollard setups.
This is a question for a structural engineer. Calpipe Security Bollards® has custom manufacturing capabilities to adapt our designs to just about any engineering or design requirement. Whether your engineer specifies a "through the deck" design or a surface mounted application, Calpipe Security Bollards® can manufacture to your exact requirement. Although surface mounted bollards will not have the vehicle stopping capacity that an embedded or removable bollard has, they offer a visual deterrent and will offer some degree of protection.
Calpipe Security Bollards® recommends a removable bollard. Removable bollards offer the flexibility that your site requires with the assurance and security of an embedded bollard. A permanent embedment sleeve is installed into the street that allows for the temporary installation of the removable bollard when the need for traffic control arises. When the event is over, simply remove the bollard and the stainless steel flip top lid that is attached to the embedment sleeve falls into place to cover the hole. The lid has a security bolt so you can lock down the lid when not in use. Our clients realize the benefits of the locking removable bollards and can specify either an external padlock for locking the bollard into place or an internal locking system for a tamper-proof solution.
In the security world, strength often equates to weight. Steel bollards that are designed to resist large vehicle impacts require thicker steel and greater length and diameter. A bollard over 6" in diameter becomes very difficult to move in and out of place.

Retractable bollards are manufactured with either manual or automatic capabilities. Calpipe Security Bollards® manufactures models which include an assisted lift feature built into the bollard so that raising it from the ground is as simple as turning a key and watching it float and lock into position. Retracting the bollard is just as simple; just turn the key and with very gentle pressure, push the bollard down and step on it until it locks in the down position.

An automatic retractable bollard should be chosen for high use areas such as entrances with numerous daily deliveries or any situation where the bollards would be continuously going up and down making manual operations tedious and time-consuming for employees and disrupt traffic at your entrances.
Calpipe Security Bollards® manufactures bollards in carbon steel, aluminum, and both 304 and 316 stainless steel for highly corrosive areas.
Our bollards range in size from 3" diameters to 12" diameters for the majority of our bollard product lines. Length can vary depending on model selected and function. We have the ability to custom manufacture to your specifications within our manufacturing facility.
The most obvious difference is that an internal locking bollard is virtually tamper-proof. Another feature of the internal locking bollard is that when in place, it will look the same as any embedded bollards placed nearby. The keylock is mounted waist high on our internal locking bollard, saving you from having to kneel down on the ground to unlock the padlock.

The padlock bollard is often preferred in an industrial application since there is often maintenance staff with existing master key systems that lend themselves to padlocks. Police or fire departments often prefer the padlock because they have the universal key - the bolt cutter. Unfortunately, so do lots of unauthorized individuals.
No. The base plate bollard is best where there is a suspended slab or underground utilities that can't be disturbed, or inside of warehouses and distribution centers. The base plate bollard is only as strong as the bolts it is mounted with.
Yes, we manufacture bollards and our line of UL-Listed electrical products in our manufacturing facility in Southern California.
That is entirely up to the specifier. While it is commonly thought that a cement-filled bollard makes it stronger, it may only be that cement makes it heavier and that the added mass creates additional resistance for a particular application. In general, the strength of any steel bollard comes from the strength of the steel cylinder itself, which is determined by the diameter of the bollard and the wall thickness. It is the impact resistance and inherent strength of the steel, coupled with proper installation in a proper footing that determines how secure an installation will be. Calpipe Security Bollards® always recommends that you consult your engineer as local site conditions can vary.
Safety concerns for personnel include metal safety shoe covering for the toe and top of the foot, back braces when lifting, and ensuring that the hinged lid on the embedment sleeve is in the closed position at all times except for placement and extraction of the removable parking bollards. The total weight of any removable bollard varies depending on the diameter, length, and impact resistance of the unit. Therefore, the safety supervisor at your company should review these factors to address these considerations.

It could be beneficial for a company to have two personnel extract and place the bollards. We also recommend the use of bollard storage racks for safe and secure storage when the bollards are not installed in position. We recommend that you consult with your safety supervisor prior to ordering removable traffic bollards to avoid ordering a product beyond the capability of the available personnel.