Our perimeter defense technology as security bollards provides the highest levels of security for people and assets.

Whether you are responsible for the safety and security of people and assets at a government installation or a commercial facility, a college campus or a pharmaceutical warehouse, your mission does not allow for failure.


At Calpipe Security Bollards®, we understand. There is no security if people are not safe. Period.

The safety of your people depends on security measures that are effectively designed, properly installed, and well maintained. Whether you are securing an entire perimeter or just a front door, protecting a building filled with millions in inventory or a hospital filled with hundreds of patients, Calpipe Security Bollards® manufactures crash tested and field rated products that have been proven to perform to the highest national and international standards, all backed by the professional experience that comes with thousands of installations in the USA and abroad.

Did You Know?*

  • There were a total of 207 terrorist attacks in the United States between 2001 and 2011.
  • From 2001 to 2011 California (40) and New York (19) experienced the most terrorist attacks against the U.S. homeland.
  • Vehicles are used to crash their way into stores, warehouses, and locked facilities in crash and grab ram raids thousands of times each year in the United States, with damages in the BILLIONS of dollars.

*According to START Report (PDF)

terrorist-attacks-usa states-with-most-terrorist-attacks-fatalities increase-in-terrorist-plots-US-since-911

Is a high security bollard right for your application?

  • Is there a potential for intentional vehicle incursions with the intent to gain entry to your facility?
  • Would your people be better protected by a more secure perimeter?
  • Is your site a target in the eyes of criminals or terrorists?

For more than fifteen years, Calpipe Security Bollards® has been manufacturing crash-tested and field rated products in our Southern California facility. These bollards are a proven solution for our customers in all levels of government and the private sector. Because protecting people and assets against intentional attacks and accidental intrusions is the most important mission of all.

Learn more about Calpipe’s high security bollard products:

  • Shallow Mount Bollard

    Shallow Mount Bollards

    Each project’s requirements are different & require the ability to accommodate site restrictions. Shallow Mount Bollards allow for only 12” of embedment, available in a variety of types, sizes, styles

  • Fixed Bollard

    Fixed Security Bollards

    Fixed Post Bollards are commonly used for High Security Applications were permanent security is needed and no depth restrictions exist, Deep Mount K4/M30 and K12/M50 rated fixed bollards are available

  • Internal Locking Removable Bollard

    Internal Locking Removable Bollards

    Designed for a slim, aesthetically pleasing profile, our Internal Locking Removable Bollards lock into their embedment sleeve without the use of a padlock.

  • Assisted Lift Retractable bollard

    Assisted Lift Retractable Bollards

    Assisted Lift Bollards are a great choice if your site requires the security and flexibility of retractable bollards with low to medium operation rates.

  • Lighted Bollard

    Commercial Lighted Bollards

    Manufactured from Stainless Steel, our Architectural Lighted Bollards provide an aesthetic appeal while illuminating the surrounding landscape within a secure perimeter.