Calpipe Security proudly introduces our new line of QuickKore crash rated security bollards designed to mitigate the risk of vehicle-into-building impact. Tested and certified to the American Society for Testing Material’s F3016-19 standard. 

The ASTM F3016-19 standard quantifies the performance of a vehicle protective device in stopping a 5000 lb. vehicle at impact speeds from 10 to 30 mph. 

Utilizing a short pile foundation design provides more versatility and shorter installation times for the bollard’s application whether it’s a new installation or retrofit project. With this design, the installation time can be reduced from days to just hours. 

Bollard Material: Carbon steel

Type of Bollard: Fixed and removable

Bollard Finish: Customizable powder coated or stainless steel

Common Applications: Commercial storefronts, outdoor dining, sidewalks, bus stops, and similar environments.

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