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        SAMPLE  FOOTINGS                                      EXAMPLE STRIP FOOTING      EXAMPLE INDIVIDUAL FOOTING

        To ensure that bollards would meet their
        full impact capabilities, it is extremely
        important to combine the bollard with a
        properly engineered footing. In most simple
        installations, a strip footing is the best and
        strongest. If a strip footing is not practical
        for your site, individual bollard footings will
        have to be utilized.

        Calpipe Security Bollards® always
        recommends that a local engineer be
        consulted on installations as soil conditions,
        water tables, and frost lines will vary from         INSTALLATION
        region to region.                                    Calpipe Security Bollards® is a manufacturer and does not provide installation. However, we will
                                                             provide engineering solutions and installation documentation for high security and specialized
                                                             product installations. Please contact your local sales representative or call 1-877-283-8518 for
                                                             more information.

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