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                    FIXED BOLLARDS                        BASE PLATE  BOLLARDS                   INTERNAL LOCKING
                                                                                                 REMOVABLE  BOLLARDS
                    Fixed embedded bollards are           Fixed base plate or surface
                    the most commonly used. By            mounted bollards are primarily         Internal locking removable
                    creating a physical barrier,          used in multi-level parking            bollards are the most versatile
                    they protect pedestrians and          structures, warehouses or              bollard. Incorporating a tamper
                    buildings from oncoming               distribution centers to protect        resistant lock, the internal
                    vehicles, while allowing free         structures and equipment               locking bollard delivers
                    movement in between the               from fork lifts and pallet jacks.      unmatched security, greater
                    bollards. Fixed bollards are          Base plate bollards should be          aesthetics, while maintaining
                    available in architectural,           considered as visual                   the versatility of a removable
                    safety and crash-rated                deterrents only.                       bollard. Each bollard is
                    models depending on the                                                      designed to be housed within
                    security need.                                                               an embedment sleeve for
                                                                                                 deployment and removal.
                                                                                                 Internal locking removable
                                                                                                 bollards are available
                                                                                                 in architectural, safety, and
                                                                                                 crash-rated models depending
                                                                                                 on the security need.

                    EXTERNAL PADLOCKING                   ASSISTED LIFT                          MANUALLY OPERATED
                    REMOVABLE BOLLARDS                    RETRACTABLE BOLLARDS                   RETRACTABLE BOLLARDS
                    Removable bollards with               Assisted lift bollards                 Manual lift retractable bollards
                    external padlocks are a               incorporate an industrial              are safety bollards used for a
                    cost-efficient solution,              grade gas strut that raises            wide range of applications,
                    ideal for restricting access          and lowers the bollard into            from parking and traffic control
                    to alleyways, bike trails             place with the turn of a key.          to protecting walkways. The
                    and parking lots, as well as          The assisted lift mechanism            bollard is lifted by an operator
                    providing safety to property          allows for a heavier bollard,          and locks into place. It retracts
                    and people from oncoming              with an easier lift. For higher        with a turn of a key and
                    traffic. Each bollard is              security needs, crash rated            guidance from the operator.
                    designed to be housed within          models are available.                  The locking stainless steel lid
                    an embedment sleeve                                                          provides extra security and
                    for deployment and removal.                                                  covers the bollard to prevent
                                                                                                 pedestrian injuries.

                    AUTOMATIC RETRACTABLE                 LIGHTED BOLLARDS                       SHALLOW MOUNT
                    BOLLARDS                              Lighted bollards are available         BOLLARDS
                    Designed for repetitive cycles,       in architectural or safety models      Shallow mount bollards are
                    the automatic retractable             to provide an aesthetic appeal         designed for the highest level
                    bollard system is ideal for           while increasing safety by             of protection and offered in
                    restricted parking lots, access       illuminating the surrounding           various crash ratings. They
                    control gates, commercial             landscape. There are also high         utilize a shallow 12" embedment
                    building entrances, or military       security crash-rated models            base designed to overcome
                    bases. Automatic retractable          built to provide superior              depth restrictions found in
                    bollards are rated to withstand       protection and withstand vehicle       conventional bollard
                    vehicle impact and can be             impact, while maintaining an           installations. These bollards
                    integrated with most existing         aesthetic appeal                       are used around corporate
                    access control systems.                                                      campuses, government
                                                                                                 buildings, airports and other
                                                                                                 urban environments where
                                                                                                 depths and utilities may be
                                                                                                 an issue.

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