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        Calpipe Security Bollards® is a team of experts working to protect people and property without
        compromising aesthetics.

        Since 1998, we have developed bollard solutions for highly trafficked and high-profile public
        spaces around the world, including Times Square, the Santa Monica Pier, and AT&T Park. Our
        team consults and collaborates with you, delivering answers that provide safety without
        compromising aesthetics.

        We pride ourselves on our ability to overcome the diverse and unique challenges presented with
        each security opportunity. In addition to our team of solution experts, Calpipe Security Bollards®
        offers one of the widest range of bollards on the market.

        All of our products are manufactured using only the highest quality materials at our Southern
        California facility, so you can rest easy knowing that your product was manufactured in the USA.

                                                                PARTNERS FROM THE START
                                                                Bollards are our business. We provide the highest level of support and
                                                                service, making us the most responsive bollard supplier in the industry.

                                                                No matter what style, size, color, material, finish, or decorative element
                                                                your project requires, we are committed to configuring the right bollard for
                                                                your application.

                                                                MARKETS WE SERVE

                                                                Our impact tested and field certified products have been utilized in
                                                                commercial, retail, industrial, high-security, government, and military
                                                                applications. With thousands of bollards to date installed in the USA and
                                                                abroad, we offer experience and expertise from the early stages of design
                                                                and specification through final installation.

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