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Heritage Decorative Covers

Calpipe Security Bollard’s Heritage line of classic shapes and profiles provide designers and planners with a broad range of choices that can be used to re-imagine existing projects or to provide a traditional look for a project still in the design and permitting stage.  From purely decorative bolt-down versions to sophisticated additions to our highest security rated bollards, our Heritage line offers flexibility and aesthetics to safety and security projects where style and profile options have been limited.

Made in America by experts with 140 years of experience, these Heritage bollards are versatile enough to be used as purely decorative fixtures or combined with our full line of  Anti-Terrorist crash tested bollards.  Imagine having the flexibility to use the same profiles and classic features across a campus or large facility with different levels of impact ratings.  The Heritage line gives owners and architects a Made In America choice for these decorative fixed or removable bollards, lighted bollards, and impact tested fixed and removable bollards.

No other fully domestic product line offers this capability – and we are proud to offer it as part of our product range.


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