Bollards are used for the purpose Architectural Safety, for people, and protection of property.

  • Separation of vehicle traffic from pedestrian areas.
  • Prevention of unauthorized entry.
  • Simple access control.
  • Storefront protection.

All of these applications require the right bollard product to be installed in the right place using the right installation methods. Calpipe Security Bollards® has been defending and protecting people and property for over 15 years.

Whether you require a fixed bollard or a removable bollard, a lighted bollard or a decorative bollard, or some combination of custom material and design, Calpipe is your one-stop American source.

From simple to impact tested, Calpipe has become the most trusted American manufacturer of bollards because of our commitment to manufacturing excellence and the experience and training of our team.

Did You Know?

  • A vehicle crashes into a commercial building or pedestrian area in the USA every 24 minutes.
  • 60 times a day, a car crashes through doors, windows or walls of a business somewhere in America.
  • Most of these accidents can be prevented with simple planning and the installation of simple and affordable bollards.

Incidents Specified by Cause and by Site Type

New Test Method for Low Speed Barriers for Errant Vehicles

Learn more about the new ASTM standard.

ASTM” WK13074 will cover the bollards, barriers, gates, planters and other products used in the many instances not covered by high security K-rated bollards, which are designed to keep vehicles from intentionally coming through a security perimeter. “ASTM WK13074 will provide architects and engineers with tools to evaluate products and materials that will be put in place to provide simple security, pedestrian protection or denial of access to vehicles less than 4,500 pounds at traffic speeds of 30 miles per hour and under,” says Dean Alberson, Ph.D, P.E., chair, F12.10 and research engineer at the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University. Adds co-chair Storefront Safety Expert, Rob Reiter, “Research, statistics and media reports confirm that such applications cover the majority of cases where vehicle/pedestrian injuries and property damage are occurring. Read More from the ASTM standard »

Learn more about Calpipe’s architectural safety bollard products:

  • Fixed Bollard

    Fixed Security Bollards

    Fixed Post Bollards are commonly used for High Security Applications were permanent security is needed and no depth restrictions exist, Deep Mount K4/M30 and K12/M50 rated fixed bollards are available

  • Fixed Base Plate bollard product image

    Fixed – Base Plate Bollards

    Solely a visual deterrent, base plate bollards are primarily used when the slab being mounted on is too shallow for a deeper, more secure concrete footing.

  • Internal Locking Removable Bollard

    Internal Locking Removable Bollards

    Designed for a slim, aesthetically pleasing profile, our Internal Locking Removable Bollards lock into their embedment sleeve without the use of a padlock.

  • Manual Lift Retractable bollard

    Manual Lift Retractable Bollards

    Manually operated bollards are perfect for light security needs when a retractable option is necessary. Great for traffic control and limited access paths.

  • Assisted Lift Retractable bollard

    Assisted Lift Retractable Bollards

    Assisted Lift Bollards are a great choice if your site requires the security and flexibility of retractable bollards with low to medium operation rates.

  • Lighted Bollard

    Commercial Lighted Bollards

    Manufactured from Stainless Steel, our Architectural Lighted Bollards provide an aesthetic appeal while illuminating the surrounding landscape within a secure perimeter.

  • Heritage Decorative Covers product image

    Heritage Decorative Covers

    Our decorative covers include classic shapes and profiles that provide choices to re-imagine existing projects or to provide a traditional (look/aesthetic) to new construction.