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K-4 Engineered
Removable Security Bollards

You don't have to sacrifice protection to add a level of flexibility to your perimeter defense. K-Rated removable security bollards protect just as well as a K-Rated embedded security bollards and allow for occasional vehicular access.

Internal locking security bollards use a tamper-proof Camlock key that operates smoothly in a wide range of environmental conditions.

This bollard drops into a specially engineered embedded stainless steel sleeve. Once secured in place, the removable bollard protects against vehicle incursion. A removable K4 engineered bollard will still stop a 15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 30 mph.

If you need frequent vehicular access, consider adding a K4-Engineered automatic retractable bollard to your perimeter defense.

Choose from a myriad of powder coat colors which comes standard for all carbon steel bollards. We also offer stainless steel bollard covers for different architectural finishes.

Bollard Add-Ons & Accessories


Bollard Chain Eye


Bollard Lifting Handle


Bollard Storage Sleeves


bollard cap standard


bollard cap viking

Half Dome

bollard cap half-dome


bollard cap knight

Bollard color wheel
Our bollards come in over 180 colors. Please contact us for a color wheel.

Anti-Graffiti Coat

Our anti-graffiti coating makes it easy to clean up spray paint and permanent marker.

Anti-Corrosion Coat

An anti-corrosion coat extends the life of your bollard in harsh environments.

    CAD Details

Click here to configure and download Calpipe Bollard’s high quality design files for your next project.