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Should I fill a bollard with concrete?

A metallic bollard derives its strength from its footing and wall thickness.

If you fill a bollard with concrete you give it more mass and make it more rigid. The greater mass gives the bollard more stopping power up to a certain point. For example, a concrete filled bollard will emerge unscathed if a vehicle lightly strikes it. However, the same bollard will break if impacted with enough force, turning it into a dangerous piece of shrapnel.

The bollards in the image to the right were filled with concrete. The bollards were struck by a vehicle. Each broke at the weakest point slightly above ground level

Before filling a metallic bollard with concrete consider the following questions:

  • Was the bollard engineered to be filled with concrete?
  • How will the bollards perform if I fill them with concrete?
  • What liabilities am I creating by changing the bollard system design?

Please, contact us if you have questions. We would be glad to discuss your security needs and review your current bollard systems.

Concrete filled bollards